Hastings Wasp Nest Removal Services

Are you looking for a local wasp control service to tackle your wasps? We are a small locally run wasp removal service providing effective wasp eradication for a flat fee of just £59. There is NO vat or hidden costs to be added.
Why Use Our Wasp Nest Removal Services?
We have been providing Wasp Removal in Hastings for over 10 years allowing us to gain a valuable reputation for our swift and effective treatments throughout the summer. Finding a wasp nest can be very distressing and dangerous and will often need a quick response to ensure it’s dealt with effectively. Wasp nest removal Hastings will treat the nest no matter where its location. We use equipment allowing us to reach those nests other companies can’t including wasp nests high up on roofs.
What To Look For
Take a few minutes to inspect the outside of your property to pin point the location of the wasp nest. The best time to do this is generally during the evening when the wasps are more active. The most common place to find them is under tiles, fascia boards, guttering and window frames.
Finding wasps or hornets inside your property is more common than you think. Normally they are found looking dozy on a window sill. They normally find their way into your house from the loft where the nest is more than likely located. Light fittings in the ceiling give the wasp easy access to a room and they are attracted like most insects by the light itself. Don’t panic, just call the Hastings wasp nest removal team and let us quickly eliminate the wasps.
Bee Removal
Wasp Nest Removal Hastings are bee friendly and will always avoid removing bees. If we are called out to a wasp nest but they are indeed bees we charge a £30 call out fee. If you are unsure whether you have wasps or bees please get in contact so we can advise you the best we can.

Our Wasp Nests Removal Testimonials

We called the Hasting wasp removal team after finding two large nests in the loft area. They were on time to quickly kill the wasps!

Mrs Logan - Hastings
Found this company on the internet and very glad I did! We found wasps inside our bathroom so gave them a call. They were prompt and polite and the wasps have all gone!

Laura Gregan - Hastings
My neighbour passed me their details after noticing we needed a wasp nest removed from the garden shed. We arranged a time the following day to remove the wasps.

Ben Whitmore - Sussex